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We provide a wide range of agricultural consulting services such as: Financial Planning; Strategic Planning; Financial Feasibility Studies; Business Plan; Farm Planning; Calculations of productive value of agricultural land; Farm Purchases, Sale, Rent and Rentals and Specialised witness in court cases.

book“More sweat was drawn with the writing of the book than with the birth of a child”, said Dr Wim Nell, when describing the writing of the new book Strategic Approach to Farming Success which is taking agriculture by storm. One of the main purposes of the book is to develop and foster a management style in the farming industry through proactive management and empowering labourers to move from being workers or producers to product…

refereesWim Nell Agric Management Consultant is also involved in international farming operations. He acts as one of three advisers on the board of Gadco who has started with a rice farm at Sogakope in Ghana. He acts also as consultant for the farming business and his major responsibilities are to develop and streamline processes and systems in the value chain of rice and also the strategic development direction of Gadco Ghana….

Wim Nell Agricultural Management Consultant acts as a specialised witness in any agricultural related court cases. It varies from default agricultural inputs to irrigation problems, land transactions that went sour, divorce cases (growth in estate) and veld fire losses. Cases involved an amount in total to R222 million.

shortcoursesAn other focal area of Wim Nell Agricultural Management Consultant is the presentation of short (3-day) courses in Financial Management in Agriculture and Strategic Management in Agriculture. There are also three one-day courses available for beginner farmers that is normally presented by PetWim Agricultural Consultants CC 2011/084998/23.

Various case studies for the wim-nellmajority of agricultural enterprises done in South Africa and Namibia over the past 32 years.

Case Study of Farmers

The example of a mixed farm in South Africa is used as a case study for the rest of the journey to farming success and is called Green Valley.  The farmer/management team is referred to as John Lamb.  This example is used throughout the book to guide the reader or user under the title “Strategic plan of John Lamb.”
Description of Green Valley: The farm Green Valley of John Lamb is a mixed farm of 4 000 ha (9 884 acres).
His sheep enterprise has 2400 dual purpose (wool & meat) ewes.

The 3 300 ha range land with a grazing capacity of 5 ha per Large Stock Unit (LSU), is scientifically planned and each camp (grazing field) has two watering points.


Strategic approach to farming success

Securing a competitive advantage in a turbulent global agricultural environment.
Karsten Farms is an agricultural company who produces table grapes, dates, melons, watermelons, apples and pears in South Africa.

Media Comments

‘n Boek oor landboubestuur vir die boer van die 21ste eeu

Charles Smith, Landbou Volksblad, Vrydag 29 April 2005.Dit is hoe dr. Wim Nell, hoof van die Sentrum vir Landboubestuur aan die Universiteit van die Vrystaat (UV),