Stage 11: Strategic control and repositioning

The journey to farming success now enters the final stages and the management team is anxious to check the results obtained in the previous stages of the journey. They know they cannot afford to make mistakes at this stage as it can be costly.

At the previous stop management implemented main strategies, short-term objectives and actions that have to be controlled as the implementation of actions progresses. The road to strategic control and repositioning is full of obstacles and challenges and swift responses to changes on the road, as well as new opportunities in the external environment, are required. They have to chase these new opportunities mercilessly, but also with caution not to harm the farming business. The management team must also invest in an “early warning radar system” to detect possible infringements well in advance on the way to success. This will assist them in managing the the farming business in a dynamic, changing and chaotic environment.

Most breakdowns (bankruptcies) and accidents (poor/costly decisions) of a farming business happen at strategic control. During this stage reckless road-users can cause a lot of problems and even fatalities can occur. While on the road to strategic control, the driver must be on the outlook for careless road-users and other obstacles to avoid collisions.

Strategic control and repositioning are live dynamic processes, which require dynamic management with a clear vision for a successful future.

Strategies and short-term objectives are seen as a projection of possible results that might be achieved in the future, based on assumptions of events that may occur in the future (Pearce & Robinson, 1997).

How should management control the specific strategy or implementation of actions? The traditional approach was to compare results with standards that were set for each action. Although this method has a place in the process of strategic control, much more is entailed than is the case with traditional control.

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