Stage 2: External environment

The second stage involves starting an investigation into the immediate external environment outside the boundaries of the farm, i.e. the community, district and province (or state) in which the farm is situated. The farmer/management team will observe everything that could engender an opportunity or a threat (OT) to the farming business (SWOT analysis).
The journey is commenced by observing the broader picture, namely the national macro and business environment. Accordingly, the situation with regard to the “global village” (international macro and business environment) is considered, in which case the opportunities and threats to the farming business (vehicle) in and from the applicable countries will be determined.

In this stage of the journey to farming success the farmer/management team will focus on a task of great magnitude and will need to spend a lot of time investigating the local, national and international, macro and business environments, identifying opportunities which can contribute to farming success, and threats that can have a negative effect on the development of the farming business on the journey to farming success.

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