Stage 3: Internal environment

During the third stage of the journey to farming success, the farmer/ management team returns to the farm to compile a comprehensive description of all the resources of the farming business, namely to draw up a complete profile of the farming business at technical, physical, economic and financial levels (thus its total performance and abilities).

All the applicable information is accordingly analysed and applied during the following stages of the journey, in order to ensure that the farming business derives the full benefit there from.

The farmer/management team is now aware of all the important opportunities and threats in the external environment, which can benefit the farming business or potentially damage it. The main purpose of the third stage of the journey to farming success is to evaluate the strengths (S), successes (S), weaknesses (W) and failures (F) of the farming business, taking everything into account that was observed during the national and international expedition.

The SWOT analysis is traditionally used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a farming business, but as a result of changes in agriculture, it has become necessary that successes [S] and failures [F] also need to be identified.

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