Stage 6: Main strategy

During stage 6, the farmer/management team will endeavour to answer the question regarding how farming success can be reached, i.e. achieving the long-term goals or vision by applying the main strategies.

At this stage of the journey management will sit down and plan HOW to proceed, and which direction to take to achieve the long-term goals. During this planning session the team has to consider different directions (strategies) and weigh up the pros and cons of each route to complete the journey successfully.

The important questions that must be answered within the strategy are the following:
HOW are things going to be done?
HOW are the objectives going to be achieved?
HOW is management going to realise the mission and vision of the farming business?

The question reverts back every time to the mission statement, and must out of necessity, arrive at the strategic vision. The mission statement thus supports the strategic vision.
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