Stage 7: Short-term objectives and actions


The following question must be answered at this stage of the journey: WHAT must be done, at which STANDARD and WHEN?

  • Long-term goals point out the results that the farming business wants to achieve over a period of two years or longer.
  • Short-term objectives are formulated to give guidance and set targets that the farming business should achieve within one year or one production season.
  • Actions, on the other hand, are aimed at being the vehicle for achieving short-term objectives, and at the same time, to support the targets of the main strategies.

Objectives spell out how many, of what kind, and when this is going to be achieved. Without clear objectives, management is not going to know where the farming business is headed, nor how well the farming business is performing. This once again confirms the importance of a practical and functional management information system – if objectives

for the farming business are set that cannot be measured, the team will not be able to determine the progress that the farming business has made.

A clear distinction must be made between efficiency and effectiveness when formulating short-term objectives.

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