Stage 9: Key implementation policies

As soon as the desired results are obtained, the farmer/ management team will proceed to stage 9 of the journey, during which stage key implementation policies will be formulated.

These policies assist in executing and implementing the strategies and actions stated during the sixth and seventh stages, respectively.

At this stage of the journey to farming success all the preparation has been done and management is confident that all the resources are adequate to execute the short-term objectives and actions to achieve the main strategies and long-term goals. Calculations have been made to determine whether the intended change will yield the desired results. Next, it must be established whether the “best” policies for the farming business are in place for implementing the actions and main strategies.

Implementation policies within the farming business will stand on two legs, namely policies to empower the workforce responsible for implementing the various actions, and the financial and operational policy to execute the plans.

A further aim of the key implementation policies is to give the business additional management capacity. Within each implementation action there are policies, rules, regulations and procedures which will need the attention of management.

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